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We seriously like mushrooms! Not just for how they taste but for the crazy amount of health benefits they have. What's not to love! We're on a serious journey to spread our love of mushrooms by way of offering pemium quality products. Check out our journey.



Our Lion's Mane & Reishi dual blend is one of our most popular. While both these mushrooms have their own benefits when combining them together can make the synergies between these two mushrooms even more beneficial.

TIP! This is a great blend to have in the evening.

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Winter White Oyster

The Winter White oyster mushroom kit is our most popular mushroom kit variety. Huge weighty mushroom caps and when they're cooked the thick meatiness soaks up all the delicious flavours and sauces to take on the super juicy taste of the dish. Winter White's are a reliable grower and will produce a huge yield of mushrooms from Australia's biggest grow kits.

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