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Italian Oyster (Phoenix Oyster) JUMBO Mushroom Grow Kit

Italian Oyster (Phoenix Oyster) JUMBO Mushroom Grow Kit

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The Italian oyster (Pleurotus pulmonarius) grow kits are a popular choice among those who like a versatile mushroom that can be used in a wide variety of dishes. The Italian oyster works wonderfully in pastas and risottos but equally as well in stir fry's, breakfast fry ups or just to have simply on a piece of toast. Yum!

With unique frilly caps its easy to identify this mushroom with its large beige to darkish-brown colouring. They have a mild flavour and an earthy aroma. If fried long enough the frilly ends of the caps crisp up lovely whilst the thicker middle part of the mushrooms has a meaty chew. The variety of textures really enhance your dish.

Italian oyster grow kits are ideal for beginner mushroom growers as they are very reliable producers and tend to grow large flushes. They are also one of the easiest blocks to get subsequent fruitings and, if kept in the right conditions, should reliably produce a second flush or more!

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