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Pink Oyster JUMBO Mushroom Grow Kit

Pink Oyster JUMBO Mushroom Grow Kit

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Pink oyster mushrooms are definitely one of the more striking oyster varieties with its vibrant pink colouring. They have a denser texture than some of the other oyster varieties and because of this they are a popular choice as a meat substitute. Lightly sautéing pinks with oil or butter on medium heat and let them start to crisp. They will take on a texture similar to crispy bacon. You'll identify pink oyster to have a slightly earth and sometimes fruiting taste and even hints of anise or licorice.

Pink oyster mushroom kits should be opened up immediately after purchasing as they're aggressive growers and are known to try to fruit even if you haven't cut open the bag. They are an ideal choice for beginners as they are generally fast to fruit and very reliable at getting 2 or more flushes. 

If they get plenty of indirect light and hydration they will yield large flushes of beautiful light pink to deep pinkish-red mushrooms. 

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