Our Story

Mushroom World was born during the early Covid period in 2020 when its founder Mark Badman became interested in developing his own Mushroom Farm to grow all varieties of gourmet mushrooms. After hundreds of hours of study and months of trials, the highly technical process of growing mushrooms was learnt and his Mushroom Farm built. The farm covered all processes from spawning, sterilisation and incubation through to fruiting and the final harvesting of all products. Mushroom World became expert at growing the highest quality Gourmet mushrooms and supplying quantities of the most popular varieties to markets, retailers and supermarkets.

Today, Mushroom World has expanded into Mushroom Grow Boxes and Mushroom powders.

We Use Waste Material

We value our environment! That's why it's fitting that our main source of substrate used to grow our mushrooms is waste material. West Australian hardwood sawdust. Sawdust is a byproduct of woodworking and is considered a waste product. When lumber is processed, sawdust is created as a result of cutting or planing wood. In many cases, sawdust is generally discarded.

But lucky for us hardwood sawdust provides a nutrient-rich medium for mushroom mycelium to colonize and produce fruiting bodies.