Subscription Plan Instructions

To reward your ongoing support we are offering a value-for-money subscription deal.
This is how it works:
  • You can choose between four interval options so you have flexibility on how frequently you would like your ongoing supply. Options are 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 week intervals.
  • The subscription will have an initial minimum two (2x) payment intervals at a discount of 15% off online listed price. For example (Say you choose a 4 week interval. Your first order you will pay for that first week only and receive the 15% discount price. 4 weeks after you will then be automatically charged as per your first order at the 15% discounted rate).
  • After the initial two interval payments your free to cancel anytime or continue your subscription plan at the 15% discounted rate until your subscription is cancelled.
  • As well as your 15% discount we will also deliver to you wherever you are in Australia for free.
  • You can modify your order at any time, you don't have to stick to your initial order.
This is not a pre-paid subscription as we want you to hold onto your money until your ready for your next supply. We want to make this subscription as free and easy as possible while supporting you on your journey to better health!
Don't forget, our products contains 120g of powder which is 20% more than most other brands.