The Mushroom World promise is to supply the very best for the very least in cost and it is our pleasure to provide the following incredible bonus offers to meet the launch of our premium mushroom powder range.

Bonus - Large 120g jars.

Bonus - Free delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Bonus - 15% discount on subscription purchases with free delivery.


Mushroom World prides itself on sourcing the world's highest selling, best quality powders. Blending them and packaging them at Mushroom World, Perth to provide one of the finest ranges of mushroom powders available.

Each powder has been meticulously selected and independently tested and verified for quality. All products are NASAA certified organic so you can rest assured knowing our products are free of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals etc.

Mushroom World not only offers the highest quality powders but also at the most competitive pricing to allow our customers the most affordable purchases of natural health mushroom products in the country.

There's a number of reasons why our dual blend powders are a great choice when your researching and deciding on what product is best for you.

1) Our dual blend powders have been specially chosen due to the synergies between each of our 5x mushroom pairs. It is said that blending (or stacking ) mushrooms can be more beneficial than taking an individual powder as one can amplify the use of another allowing you to support multiple areas of your health at the same time.

2) Our dual blend powders are a cost saving solution. You don't need to buy two separate mushroom powders, just buy the one and save money.

3) There's many blends out there in the market that contain 4x or more different mushroom powders but this leaves you with a very small and insignificant portion of each powder for your daily dose. our dual blends are a 50/50 ratio so every daily dose you get a very good portion of your two favourite mushroom powders.

4) Our jars contain 120g of powder. That's 20% more than most other brands. So your getting 60g each of your favourite powders for only $69. That's only $34.50 for 60g of each powder. That's value for money!