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Yellow Oyster JUMBO Mushroom Grow Kit

Yellow Oyster JUMBO Mushroom Grow Kit

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Yellow oyster mushrooms are on par with the pink oyster in terms of their colour vibrancy. Striking deep yellow caps make you think they are a beautiful bunch of flowers rather than mushrooms! The more indirect light they get the more vibrant their colour will be.

These very delicate mushrooms with their thin texture are ideal when sautéed in a pan with oil or butter on medium heat and left to lightly crisp up. Crispy yellow oyster mushrooms go well on a salad or as a pizza topper. They have a soft citrus undertone.

These delightful mushrooms are ideal for intermediate growers. Whilst they are reliable they can be a little more sensitive to growing conditions. So make sure to keep them well hydrated/humidified. Also make sure to harvest them when their caps are still curled downwards but starting to flatten out. Yellows don't hold their optimal condition for long before the caps start to curl up towards the sky and their lovely deep yellow colouring will start to fade quick if not harvested on time. So a bit more experience and timing is required. 


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