Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to start growing as soon as the mushroom kit is purchased/taken home?

We recommend starting the growing process as soon as you can. However if you cant then by placing your mushroom kit in the fridge you can extend the shelf life for weeks/months. By placing the kit in the fridge it brings the temperature of the substrate down to low levels which puts the mycelium to sleep and reduces the threat of contamination. If you have no room in the fridge then make sure to store in a cool dark place in your house.

Once I've cut open my grow kit which way up does it stand to fruit?

The grow kit is designed to stand up so that the perforated section where you make the cut is on the front side. Oyster mushrooms and Lions Mane prefer to side fruit so standing the kit upright is the best way. If you lay the box down so the mushroom top fruit they will still grow but from experience they form better when they side fruit.

What is the white dust coming from the mushrooms?

If you see a white dust on the ground around the mushrooms or coming off the mushrooms these are the mushroom spores. Once the mushrooms become mature they begin to drop spores, so ensure you harvest them once they are at this stage or before. The spores can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

What should I do with the substrate block once it stops producing mushrooms?

Eventually your grow kit will stop growing mushrooms. Bummer hey! When you receive your new mushroom kit it weighs approximately 5kgs. Once the mushrooms have eaten all the nutrients from the substrate block the block will become very light and reduced in size. At this stage remove the plastic bag from the substrate block and put that in your rubbish bin. You can break up the substrate block and add this to your compost or directly onto your garden as mulch. Then place your cardboard box into your recycling bin.

How do I know when the mushrooms are ready to harvest?

The oyster mushroom varieties curl down as they are growing. As they get bigger the caps start to flatten out. You want to harvest them when the larger mushrooms start to flatten out but still curled downwards. If left the caps will start to curl upwards. This is a sign that the mushrooms are becoming overgrown.
With Lion’s Mane, wait until the spines get between 2-4mm in length.

The substrate block feels very hard and dry. What should I do?

Try not to let your substrate dry out as it will effect mushroom growth. Increase your misting throughout the day.

How long do they take to grow until we can eat them?

On average it takes 10-14 days from opening the kit to harvest time for oyster mushrooms. Lions Mane generally takes a bit longer. However this is only a guideline. Sometimes it can take longer or shorter. It is common for the second and third flushes to take longer than the first flush.

How many mushrooms will I get in total?

Depending on how well you nurture your mushrooms you should get anywhere between 1-2kg of mushrooms over 2-3 flushes.

The mushrooms are growing but they are starting to go a yellowish colour and they have a crispy texture. What is happening?

Yellowish colouration and a crispy texture is signs your mushrooms are drying out. This is the result of either not enough hydration or too much air/breeze which is drying them out. Make sure there are no close by open windows or fans causing too much air flow and make sure to mist your mushrooms more frequently so they don’t dry out.

Can I place my grow kit outdoors?

No! They need to be grown indoors. The reason being is that wind can dry your mushrooms out. Also some insects are attracted to the mushrooms which will harm your grow.

What do I need to do to look after them?

Once you have determined the best location in your home for them, all you need to do is mist water on them daily. Through the cooler months misting 3-4 times per day is fine but in the summer months in Australia they will require extra care and more misting. Its recommended that you mist 6-8 times a day if you can as you need to make sure the substrate and mushroom stays hydrated. The more misting you do keeps the humidity levels up and mushrooms thrive on high humidity levels.

Looks like there is green/black mold forming on the substrate, what to do?

Scrape a thin layer off the front of the substrate with a clean knife (do not touch the substrate) and continue misting daily until growth begins. You can also close the contaminated X with tape, turn the bag around and start the process again from the other side. If there is no growth after 21 days, please take a photo of the kit and contact us.

I bought two kits, I have already harvested one kit but the other one hasn’t started growing. What should I do?

Every kit is different and although we offer approximate growing timeframes sometimes they take longer or less time than usual. Don’t worry if yours hasn’t started yet, be patient and give it a few more days of daily nurturing. If there is no growth after 30 days, please take a photo of the kit and contact us.

Once I harvest the mushrooms, how long will they stay fresh?

Once harvested, the mushrooms should last a good 3-5 days in the fridge if stored correctly in a paper bag.

It's been 3 weeks since I harvested he first flush and its not growing a second flush. What to do?

Generally the second flush takes longer than the first flush to start growing so patience is required and make sure to maintain misting frequency.
If still no mushroom growth then feel the substrate block. If it feels dry and hard a good little trick to rehydrate the block is by taking the block out of the box and bag and soak it in cold water for 6-12 hours. Then allow block to drip dry then place back into the back and continue to mist daily.

The mushroom block is getting smaller and lighter each harvest? What is happening?

The substrate block is the mushrooms food & will break down between harvests.

Should I harvest the larger sized mushrooms and leave the smaller mushrooms to continue to grow?

You should harvest all of the mushrooms at once when the largest mushrooms are ready. Picking random mushrooms from the block can sometimes effect the smaller ones so its recommended to harvest them all together.

How do I harvest the mushrooms?

Watch the below video to show you how to best harvest your mushrooms. Firstly you want to hold the box in one hand and then with your other hand gently hold the mushrooms from underneath. Then just gently pull the mushrooms upward and they generally come away from the substrate relatively easy. Sometimes a little twist of the mushrooms may be needed. Then once they have come away from the block just pick off any loose debris from the substrate block and continue misting for more growth.

Best way to harvest your mushrooms!

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